Succession planning and implementation

We provide dedicated legal and tax support to entrepreneurs, including owners of commercial companies, in preparing and carrying out business succession as well as their private assets. We support our clients from the stage of the decision-making process covering the development of assumptions and business succession scenarios and the determination of the tax consequences of the planned solutions, to the implementation of the selected scenario.

How can we help?

  • Verification of the business (company) structure, contract and legal documentation with regard to the rules for the operation of the business (company) in the event of the death or inability of the owner (partner) to make decisions,
  • Support in developing assumptions (strategies) and business transfer scenarios, including succession strategies, taking into account the tax implications of the planned solutions,
  • Advice on succession funding planning, including securing funds to settle individual claims (e.g. insurance, external funding),
  • Comprehensive advice on civil law, including inheritance law, including preparation of provisions of wills, matrimonial property agreements, agreements between partners and their successors and other agreements to implement a succession plan for the business or individual assets (including those belonging to private property), matrimonial property agreements, agreements concerning the disposal of shares,
  • Advising on the introduction of a successor manager for the company.

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