Development of your business


To get you started

We advise our clients on making new investments – we assist in selection of a legal form of the future entity and advise on selecting the optimal form of their business activity, in order to make the enterprise ready for further development. We help our clients establish their businesses in Special Economic Zones. We co-operate with start-up founders, and indicate them which business model would be the most effective taking into consideration the specifics of particular field of business and their plans for further development of the enterprise.


The early stage of development

We advise our clients as their enterprises develop. We help our clients create conditions for the most effective progress of their businesses. We advise our clients on how to finance effectively their companies, we indicate the optimal forms of involvement of the management boards, we help our clients in receiving tax reliefs for their companies and their employees. We work out the optimal conditions of growth in the area, we are specializing in.


A mature business

We analyze whether our partners’ ventures are immune or prone to tax risks. We conduct tax audits, we create procedures which help manage tax risks, and carry out other tax compliance policies. If needed, we assist our clients during fiscal supervision, fiscal proceedings and court proceedings regarding taxation.


Phase of transformation

We advise our business partners in crucial moments of life of their companies. We help our clients make strategic decisions regarding the future and further development of their companies, among others we assist during transformation of a sole proprietorship into a limited partnership, a limited liability company or a joint- stock company. We advise on mergers, de-mergers, organizing or restructuring a capital group, division and transformation of companies.