WPW is a team of tax and business law experts. We gathered our experience in Big4 companies. Owing to many years of providing services for large and medium – sized companies – both domestic entrepreneurs and multinational corporations – we know how to plan and realize a comprehensive advisory project.

Tomasz Wołczek


phone +48 502 184 840

Tomasz Wołczek received a Master’s degree at Wrocław University of Economics. Since 2004 he is a licensed tax advisor.

Tomasz gathered professional experience in PwC’s legal and tax department, where he worked for 15 years. Till the end of 2016 he was a director in Wrocław branch of PwC, where he co-managed a tax advisory team.

Currently Tomasz is a head of WPW’s Tax Department and advises entrepreneurs from the Lower Silesian Voivodship and other regions of Poland. Among his clients are companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, international corporations, family companies and sole entrepreneurs.

Our clients appreciate in Tomasz his business approach to tax and legal advisory.

Tomasz advises entrepreneurs in crucial moments of life of their businesses. To begin with, Tomasz advises on choosing the optimal form of starting a business activity, his expertise includes also: corporate restructurings which are adequate to the needs of a particular company, and advisory on winding up a business organization.

Thanks to wide knowledge of tax law combined with his business approach, Tomasz is able to provide our clients with comprehensible advisory during all stages of a project, while keeping in mind that client’s business is most important.

In 2019, he was recognized for his individual achievements in the CIT area and was awarded the Recommended Tax Advisor status by Rzeczpospolita.
Grzegorz Proksa


phone +48 575 030 115

Grzegorz Proksa studied law at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He is tax advisor and attorney-at-law.

Grzegorz gained his professional experience in PwC’s legal and tax department where he worked until December 2016 as a senior manager.

Currently Grzegorz is responsible for WPW legal department. He provides comprehensive legal and tax advisory for entrepreneurs based in Lower Silesian Voivodship and other regions of Poland.

Among his clients are companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, international corporations, family companies and sole entrepreneurs.

Our clients value Grzegorz’s expertise in legal and tax advisory in the area of corporate restructurings. Grzegorz is actively engaged in transactions regarding sale of a business entities, consolidations of capital groups, company transformations and mergers and set-up of investment structures.

Thanks to profound knowledge of both legal, tax and accountancy regulations, Grzegorz is able to support our clients during each and every stage of a project.

In 2019 and 2021 he was recognized for his individual contribution in the area of transactional advice and was awarded the Recommended Advisor title in the Rzeczpospolita ranking of tax advisors.
Katarzyna Mazurek

Business Development & Marketing Director

phone +48 575 488 115

Katarzyna Mazurek studied Economy at Wrocław University of Ecomonomics and Economic integration at Wrocław University. She gathered professional experience in PwC`s marketing department, where she worked till February 2017 as a manager responsible for marketing strategy and business development for Lower Silesia and Opolskie regions.
Katarzyna is a certificated Event Manager and she has great experience in organizing regional and nationwide conferences and business events. She is the author of publication about Wrocław and corportate social responsibility. CSR enthusiast – she initiated a lot of intersectoral partnerships in Wrocław and organised Win-Win Debate.
Currently Katarzyna is responsible for marketing and PR activities and business development strategy in WPW.
Dawid Misiak


phone +48 575 015 115

Dawid Misiak is a graduate of econometric and computer science at the University of Szczecin.

Dawid has more than 6 years of professional experience, which he gained during his work in PwC’s tax and legal tax department, where he worked as a senior consultant.

Dawid now supports the tax practice of WPW and advises companies form Lower Silesia region and other regions of Poland.

Our clients value Dawid’s business approach to tax consulting in the field of VAT and other key matters related to their business and current operations.
Dawid has also practical experience in implementing SAF-T solutions.
Małgorzata Szczotka-Kida

Attorney at law

phone +48 575 903 115

Małgorzata Szczotka-Kida is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wroclaw and Maastricht University (LL.M. in Corporate and Commercial Law). She has also completed postgraduate studies in Competition Law at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Before joining WPW, Malgorzata worked for FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz Law Firm in Warsaw (2017-2018) and for Olesiński i Wspólnicy Law Firm in Wroclaw (2010-2017).
Malgorzata specialises in commercial contract law and corporate law. She assists clients on a variety of issues related to establishment, transformation and liquidation of their business activities, as well as advises on the sale and acquisition of companies, enterprises and real estates.

She has worked for many clients from the financial sector in banking and finance projects, which included drafting and negotiating loan agreements, accompanying security packages and agreements related to financial intermediation services (banking and leasing products). Additionally, she rendered legal advisory on bankruptcy and restructuring issues, as well as on compliance matters, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and personal data protection.
Paulina Jeziorska

Attorney at law

phone +48 575 722 115

Paulina Jeziorska graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław. In 2016, after passing the professional exam, she became attorney-at-law.

Paulina specializes in banking and financial law, commercial companies law and commercial contract law. She is also interested in issues related to the liability of collective entities and compliance.

Paulina has extensive experience in providing legal services to large entrepreneurs. She advises companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the course of large financial transactions with an international element, such as club deal, acquisition finance or currency risk hedging transactions. As part of her projects, Paulina manages a team of lawyers, drafting projects, giving opinions and negotiating loan documentation (including in particular loan agreements in the LMA standard, bank guarantee agreements, agreements establishing security and other documents related to specific transactions), as well as advising clients on corporate issues.

Before joining WPW, in the years 2012-2019 she gained experience at the Wiewiórski Legal law firm from Wrocław, where she was managing the Banking & Finance team.

Paulina fluently speaks English.
Tomasz Ulatowski

Legal Counsel

phone +48 575 912 115

Tomasz Ulatowski is a graduate of law at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław. In 2016, after passing the professional state examination, he obtained an entry on the list of attorneys-at-law.

Tomek has over 7 years of experience in tax advisory, in particular for large companies. He specializes mainly in issues related to corporate income tax. He deals with both ongoing consulting and assistance in various reorganization projects, including sale transactions of an organized part of the enterprise and M&A transactions (divisions and mergers of companies).

Before joining WPW, he gained professional experience in the Wroclaw tax department of Deloitte in the CIT team, and earlier in TLA Kancelaria and Rödl & Partner.

Tomek is fluent in English.
Mikołaj Wietrzny

Senior Consultant

phone +48 575 877 115

Mikołaj Wietrzny graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where he also studied English Philology. He also completed a postgraduate course in Competition Law at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Mikołaj gathered his professional experience in tax and legal department of PwC, where he spent close to 8 years working in State Aid Team and later in Innovation and R&D Team. His area of expertise focuses on public financing for investment and R&D projects. Mikołaj supports his Clients in obtaining tax breaks and direct grants while ensuring that any public funding is granted in full compliance with the EU state aid rules. He also cooperates with public authorities (e.g. Special Economic Zones or National Centre for Research and Development) in delivering trainings and preparing publications related to investment and innovation policy.

Currently, Mikołaj supports tax practice of WPW in his areas of expertise in the Western and Northern Poland.

Our Clients value his focus on state aid and direct investment projects. Leveraging his experience, Mikołaj can successfully assist entrepreneurs at every stage of planning and implementing a direct investment project – including site selection, developing a state-aid compliant strategy of obtaining investment incentives, taking part in meeting with relevant public authorities up to drafting documents necessary to apply for specific public funding instruments.
Anna Szymańska


phone +48 575 922 115

Anna Szymańska graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She is also a graduate of English linguistics as well as School of Languages, Translation and Interpretation (STiJO) at the same university. She studied also at the Faculty of Law of Universitaet Bayreuth in Germany. In 2012 she became a certified Tax Advisor.
Ania has over ten years of professional experience in tax advisory, which she gained working in PwC tax and legal department. She has worked, among others, with clients from manufacturing, food, retail, automotive and medical industries, as well as from the IT sector. She has advised mostly large enterprises both in matters relating to their current activity, verification of tax settlements, and in restructuring projects. Her main area of expertise includes income taxes, with a special emphasis on Corporate Income Tax, and international taxes. She is also interested digital tax issues.
Currently Ania suppports WPW tax practice and advises companies form Lower Silesia and other parts of Poland.
Ania fluently speaks English, German and French.
Natalia Kaczorowska

Transfer Pricing Manager

phone +48 575 950 115

Natalia graduated from Wrocław University of Economics with the degree in Finance and Accounting.

Natalia has over 12 years of professional experience in the field of transfer pricing and specializes in in the preparation and verification of local and group transfer pricing documentation, planning of group settlements as well as preparation of memorandums and analyses in the area of transaction prices and conducting reviews of transfer pricing (i.e.TP Due Diligence).

During her professional career, Natalia was involved in a project concerning creation of a transfer pricing policy for one of the largest capital groups in Poland as well as implementation of a comprehensive management system of transfer pricing documentation for related entities operating within that group.

Additionally, Natalia was also involved in creation of one of the first transfer pricing web sites in Poland. This portal is an extensive knowledge base of transfer pricing topics in the area of Polish and foreign regulations and guidelines.

Before joining WPW, Natalia gained professional experience in the Wrocław tax department of PWC in the TP team, and earlier in DMS TAX and the Impel Group.
Mateusz Kowalski

Senior Consultant

phone +48 575 977 115

Mateusz Kowalski is a law graduate at the University of Wroclaw.

Before joining WPW, Mateusz gained professional experience at Deloitte and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, where he was responsible for supporting Polish and foreign companies in scope of tax on goods and services and income taxes.

At WPW he is providing assistance with regard to on-going advisory for companies from various industries, mainly in area of tax on goods and services and corporate income tax. He also participates in transfer pricing projects.
Bartłomiej Figiel


phone +48 575 879 115

Bartłomiej Figiel studies law at the University of Wrocław.

Bartłomiej worked in an international law firm for over a year, where he advised domestic and foreign companies (including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange) on corporate and business law.

Bartłomiej advises entrepreneurs on tax and corporate law. His expertise encompasses advisory on corporate income tax and value added tax. He also focuses on projects such as mergers and corporate reorganizings. He draws up investment / shareholders’ agreements. During the above-mentioned transactions he also works on tax and antitrust issues.
Natalia Niedziółka

Advocate’s Trainee

phone +48 575 322 115

Natalia Niedziółka graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Wroclaw.

Natalia specialises in corporate law. She advises clients on issuses related to establishment, transformation and liquidation of their business activities.

Before joining WPW, she worked for Kancelaria Prawna dr. P. Bojarski i Wspólnicy sp. j. (2018-2020), for Lang i Dembowski Kancelarie Adwokackie (2017-2018) and for Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Andrzej Pasierski (2015-2017).
Anna Stocka


phone +48 575 185 115

Anna Stocka is a graduate of Finance and Accounting at Wroclaw University of Economics.

Anna has more than 2 years of professional experience. She worked at the TLS tax office, where as an assistant she supported tax advisors in the field of value added tax and income taxes. Anna also has professional experience in the area of accounting.

Currently, Anna deals with tax support in the area of corporate income tax and value added tax. She also participates in projects related to the area of transfer pricing.
Paulina Majdańska

Administration Specialist

phone +48 575 522 115

Paulina Majdańska graduated from social psychology at the University of Opole. She also studied sociology at the same university.

Before she started working with WPW, she worked for nearly 5 years in companies providing professional business services, including market research and supporting recruitment processes for large entities in the commercial sector. As part of her tasks, Paulina took part in coordinating projects and participated in activities in the area of marketing and administration.

At WPW Paulina is responsible for administration and accounting and also participates in recruitment, marketing and Employer Branding projects.