Value added tax (VAT)

According to the Polish Ministry of Finance, VAT issues represent the most frequent concern of the tax authorities during tax audits. Ensuring the correctness of VAT settlements therefore appears to be a key issue from the perspective of the tax risk of your business. The WPW’s experts, having many years of experience in comprehensive VAT consultancy, may support you in this respect.

How can we help?

  • Support in the application of VAT regulations to clients’ day-to-day operations,
  • Verification of activities undertaken and planned by clients and assistance in determining their VAT consequences,
  • Review of VAT settlements to verify the correctness of the settlements made and to identify risks and tax inefficiencies,
  • Analysis of changes to VAT regulations in the context of their impact on the client’s business,
  • Provide training on the application of VAT legislation, including on current regulatory developments,
  • Support in obtaining binding rate information for VAT (WIS) and tax ruling on VAT issues,
  • Verification of data from JPK_VAT files (Polish SAF-T files) for irregularities in VAT settlements,
  • Support in the course of inspection activities of the tax services and proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

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