Automation of tax settlements

Taxpayers are systematically confronted by the legislator with an increasing number of verification, reporting and record-keeping obligations. At the same time, simple errors in this area no longer threaten not only a tax offence fine, but also the risk of additional tax charges (VAT sanction, questioning of the right to account for relief or to recognise costs, etc.).

How can we help?

Our clients expect us to be innovative in our approach to project implementation. That is why we use proprietary IT applications and tools to support our clients in reducing the workload of ongoing verification and streamlining the tax settlement process. Together with a team of IT developers, we have developed 3 applications to support clients:

  • KoliBeR – software that allows companies to record the time spent by individual employees on R&D in order to benefit from the so-called R&D relief,
  • Bielik – software that allows companies to perform a mass verification of the VAT status of domestic suppliers and bank accounts with a view to their notification to the tax authorities (‘whitelisting’). The verification also identifies situations where a payment is to be made to an account other than that belonging to the taxpayer,
  • Bielik – software for automated verification of VAT settlements on the basis of a JPK_VAT file based on dozens of proprietary tests (e.g. timeliness of issuing a sales invoice, timeliness of deducting VAT from a purchase invoice, double entry of the same transactions and many others).

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