Income taxes CIT and PIT

Income taxes are an important area both for day-to-day, operational business activities and for investment or financing decisions. Our experts will help you to fulfil your obligations as a taxpayer in a correct and efficient manner and, in addition, to obtain possible tax reliefs resulting from the solutions available in the Polish tax system.

How can we help?

  • Ongoing ‘hotline’ advice on the tax treatment of a variety of business events,
  • Verification and review of contracts and other documents (e.g. rules and regulations, terms and conditions of sale, etc.) from a tax perspective,
  • Assistance in the qualification of income and expenses, with analysis of tax risks,
  • Preparation of commentaries and issuance of opinions in the field of CIT and PIT,
  • Preparation of requests for tax rulings,
  • Analysis of possible tax reliefs and preferences, e.g. for R&D activities, the Polish Holding Company regime or exemptions for zone activities,
  • Support for entry and accounting in the regime of the so-called Estonian CIT and Alternative Investment Company,
  • Support in developing secure solutions within tax planning,
  • Conducting tax reviews and due diligence audits,
  • Support in the proper discharge of withholding tax obligations, including the development of a due diligence procedure or assistance in obtaining a preference opinion,
  • Support in the development of an effective executive remuneration model,
  • Conducting training on selected PIT and CIT issues, including on current regulatory developments,
  • Representing clients in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts,
  • Informing clients of current changes in the tax system and their possible effects on their business through tax alerts.

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