JPK_VAT File (Polish form of standard audit file for tax – SAF-T)

The obligation to submit the JPK_VAT file on a monthly basis from 2018 has become a reality for all active VAT taxpayers. This file contains data from the accounting system including VAT records and data from VAT returns. Taking care to compile the JPK_VAT file correctly can protect your business as a VAT taxpayer from severe financial sanctions if irregularities are found through a tax audit.

How can we help?

  • Analysis of completed and future business transactions in terms of their matching with the relevant codes, items, symbols in the JPK_VAT file,
  • Ongoing advice covering any content-related or technical areas of concern to you, at every stage of preparing and sending the JPK_VAT file,
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive plan of actions to be taken for the correct production of the JPK_VAT file,
  • Substantive support in the introduction of good practice and regulations to confirm due diligence,
  • Assistance in drafting explanations during tax audits carried out in respect of JPK_VAT file,
  • Training of the staff of the finance and tax departments responsible for the proper application of the regulations and explanations of the Ministry of Finance regarding the preparation of the JPK_VAT file.

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