Tax reviews

The tax security of your business is a value worth taking care of at every stage of your company’s development. The benefits of conducting a tax review are not only to minimise tax risks by examining your tax accounts, but also to identify space for more financially beneficial solutions.

How can we help?

  • Comprehensive tax reviews in selected areas, including income tax, VAT and transfer pricing documentation,
  • Identification of possible irregularities in tax settlements and determination of their tax consequences,
  • Verification of the methods used in billing in terms of their effectiveness and possible improvements to be implemented,
  • Advising in the area of risks related to the application of anti-avoidance provisions (e.g. general anti-avoidance clause, small anti-avoidance clauses),
  • Support in the preparation of the so-called business file – the economic justification for the actions taken,
  • Analysis of tax risks identified in contracts with counterparties and on the object of acquisition, such as real estate or other entities.

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