Tax credits for innovation activities (R&D and IP Box)

Innovation tax credits are among the most widely used tax preferences. When the right conditions are met, entrepreneurs engaged in innovative activities can take advantage of a deduction (up to 200%) of research and development (R&D) costs or a preferential 5% income tax rate on copyright income. We support our clients in the implementation of the R&D and IP BOX allowance, using our many years of project experience and extensive substantive and practical knowledge. Our support is distinguished by our focus on taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the reliefs. We understand that in order to achieve real benefits, it is crucial to identify the specifics of the R&D process for different types of activities, including large-scale manufacturing. We also effectively assist developers and software houses in safely applying preferential taxation to income derived from intellectual rights to IT tools. Implementation of R&D tax credits and IP BOX preferences with WPW’s support includes a comprehensive assessment of the potential and identification of feasible solutions, cooperation in developing the optimal methodology for applying the credits, and securing the adopted approach using available forms of legal protection.

How can we help?

  • Identification of R&D processes and intellectual property rights in the organisation eligible for R&D and/or IP Box relief,
  • Evaluate the potential for relief through a preliminary tax saving calculation to facilitate the decision on whether to implement relief,
  • Support with the development of a catalogue of eligible costs and the fulfilment of other conditions for benefiting from the discounts, taking into account the entity’s specific activities,
  • Preparation of requests for tax rulings in sensitive areas identified in the course of the analysis, in order to guard against the risk that the entitlement to R&D and/or IP Box relief may be challenged,
  • • Preparation of internal documentation and review of company policies for the introduction of R&D and/or IP Box relief,
  • Operational implementation of reliefs, including preparation of documentation guidelines, calculation formulae, support in establishing appropriate records of income and expenses covered by reliefs,
  • Automate the process of calculating the R&D allowance through a dedicated application (link to koliBeR application),
  • Verification of the ‘readiness’ to settle the relief by randomly checking the calculation of income and eligible costs and selected documents (e.g. time sheets, accounting records),

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