Disputes and court proceedings

Running a business involves the risk of disputes that may not be able to be resolved amicably. Our specialists support you at all stages of disputes and court proceedings, including the preceding stage of negotiations or other attempts at a pre-court settlement of the sport. Our premise is to take an individual view of the matter in dispute and to implement an agreed procedural strategy to support your interests.

How can we help?

  • Legal support related to image protection in connection with disputes,
  • Assessing the risk of litigation in the business and recommending remedies (litigation risk management),
  • Comprehensive management of the entire litigation portfolio,
  • Pre-litigation advice including analysis of specific factual situations and proposing a strategy for proceeding legal advice on pre-litigation activities (including seeking a solution to the dispute in settlement negotiations and support in drafting agreements and out-of-court settlements),
  • Advice on and representation in civil, employer-employee, business, tax and regulatory disputes,
  • Representation in litigation in cases involving corporate disputes, protection of personal rights, producers’ liability, real estate, intellectual property, against the background of commercial contracts, including those involving substantial undertakings (e.g. those related to the realisation of investments, construction or transport services) or against unfair competition and antitrust law,
  • Support in insolvency and restructuring proceedings,
  • Support in administrative and judicial proceedings and tax disputes.

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Karolina Jagiełło
Manager, Attorney-at-law, Restructuring advisor