Bankruptcy and restructuring

The insolvency or threatened insolvency of a counterparty is a difficult subject for almost every creditor. Our experts provide support to creditors in representing their interests both in the course of ongoing restructuring and insolvency proceedings against debtors, as well as in the run-up to them – in connection with the filing of applications for the opening of such proceedings. We also advise board members of companies at risk of insolvency in taking appropriate legal action.

How can we help?

  • Preparation of a strategy for legal action taking into account the risk of opening restructuring proceedings or declaring the debtor bankrupt,
  • Representation of creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Advising creditors on, inter alia, the filing of claims, representation at creditors’ meetings, as well as in all dispute proceedings related to the debtor’s restructuring or bankruptcy,
  • Support in out-of-court debt restructuring, e.g. negotiation of out-of-court settlements with debtors,
  • Advising debtors in the run-up to insolvency or restructuring proceedings, as well as in the preparation of an application to open restructuring proceedings or to declare bankruptcy,
  • Advice on employment restructuring.

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