Labour law

A properly legally secured workplace facility is the basis for the smooth running of a business. Our specialists have many years of experience and extensive industry practice in offering comprehensive legal solutions for employers and their employees, as well as in labour disputes.

How can we help?

  • Drafting of the employer’s internal documents and acts (including but not limited to work regulations, remuneration regulations or remote working),
  • Drafting of employment contracts and other contracts under which work or services are provided (including, inter alia, managerial contracts, service contracts, confidentiality agreements, so-called NDAs),
  • Support in negotiating the terms of agreements and contracts,
  • Legal support related to the choice of optimal forms of employment for employees or collaborators,
  • Legal advice on termination notices changing terms and conditions of employment or pay, employer’s termination statements and agreements with employees in this matter,
  • Preparation of non-compete agreements and assistance in enforcing claims in the event of a breach of a non-compete,
  • Advice on employment restructuring,
  • Legal advice related to the transfer of employees to a new employer as a result of the transfer of an establishment through processes of consolidation, merger, spin-off or demerger of companies,
  • Support in pre-court conciliation proceedings and in proceedings before the courts regarding disputes under labour law and the performance of other contracts under which work or services were provided,
  • Legal advice related to whistleblower protection, including the development of a whistleblower protection procedure, support for the creation of internal reporting channels,
  • Assessing the compliance of the employer’s existing employee and whistleblower protection procedures and documentation,
  • Providing labour law training dedicated to the individual needs of the business.

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