Tax procedures

With changes in tax regulations, there is a clear trend toward imposing new documentation and verification obligations on taxpayers and payers.
Correct and timely execution of such duties usually requires the involvement of not only those traditionally responsible for tax settlements, but also representatives of sales or logistics departments. Failure to carry out such duties may result in the imposition of penal and fiscal sanctions on company employees, as well as negative tax consequences for the taxpayer himself, for example, in the form of exclusion of the possibility of recognizing tax expenses.
The answer to such challenges may be, in particular, the implementation of formal procedures in the company, regulating the process of implementing the manner of individual tax obligations.

How can we help?

Our team can support you in the preparation and implementation of individual tax procedures, tailored to the organizational structure of your company. The procedural projects we carry out concern in particular:

  • tax strategy and information on the implementation of the tax strategy,
  • withholding tax procedure for payments to foreign entities (WHT),
  • VAT procedure (including due diligence in verification of counterparties, payments to “white list” accounts, recognition of chain transactions),
  • copyright settlement procedures,
  • procedures to reduce the risk of criminal and fiscal liability,
  • procedures for reporting tax schemes (MDR).

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